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~Painful Love~

Taejoon is the Most popular boy in gangnam Boys High School.. He is the best jumper in the world.. His record is 2m3ocm.. He is now stop from jumping and leave the athlete club because of his Leg's Injury. Lydia Amanda, a girl from Malaysia become a boy to see Taejoon jumps again. but, without knowing, Taejoon already knew she is a girl but Taejoon keep its as secret and only he knew Lydia is a girl. Day by day, they start to like each other. will the be a couple and Taejoon will jump again?? wait for the story.. :D its take from #ToTheBeautifulYou
Be Nice, Rude people Suck.

Sunday, 4 August 2013 @ 06:23
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I got Nothing To share~
Nothing to Post..
Nothing to Say~
Nothing to SHow..
Nothing To give~
Nothing to make..
Nothing To do~

But I'm surely sure that u read my Blog~ XD

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